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Title: Convalescence
Author: [ profile] babydee1
Pairing: Clex
Rating:NC-17, so no minors here please
Warnings: M/M (Slash)
Timeline: Season 5-ish
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the CW & DC comics. 
Summary: When Clark falls ill after uncovering loads kryptonite at the Kent Farm, Lex welcomes him to the Mansion to, um… recuperate. *wink-wink* ;-)
Feedback: …Always. :-)

Based on an awesome prompt by [ profile] phillydragonldy in the [ profile] svsunkenships challenge


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Chapter 7

Clark leaned forward and claimed Lex’s mouth again, their kisses leaving him breathless with desire.  Emotion bubbled up inside him, a myriad of feelings so intense they threatened to overwhelm him with their intensity.  Lex lifted a hand and rested it gently on his chest, rubbing it in soothing circles. 

“Your heart’s racing,” Lex whispered. 

Clark nodded.  “Yeah.  I’m kinda happy and horny and scared, all at the same time.  It’s weird.” 

Lex patted Clarks chest and smiled. “I understand how you feel; this is all so new and exciting and unfamiliar, but you don’t need to be afraid of it; and despite what I’m sure a lot of people are going to tell you at some point in the future, what we feel for each other isn’t wrong.” 

Clark grinned and leaned into Lex for a kiss.  Passion flared between them, and Clark’s hands roamed over the smooth expanse of Lex’s creamy skin, his groin tightening with every touch.  He smoothed his palms feverishly over Lex’s belly, then reached lower to the heated shaft between them.  Lex felt like sheathed steel; silky, thick and warm to the touch, and growing harder with every caress. 

Clark raised his head and stared at Lex’s member.  It was flushed a dark pink in contrast to the rest of his pale skin, and pulsed with every heartbeat.  Instinctively he licked his lips; Lex smiled, his eyes glinting at that tell-tale movement.  

Lex grinned.  “You want to suck my cock, don’t you?”

Clark reddened.  “I, um…”

“It’s okay, if you want to.  I want you to.  I’ve thought about your mouth on me so many times, I can’t believe it’s finally about to happen.”

Lex’s words put graphic images into Clark’s head that made him ache, quite literally, to know the taste of him.  His innate shyness dissipated in the face of burgeoning lust, and he made his way down Lex’s body, kissing that beautiful skin until the hard length of Lex’s erection brushed his chin.  He leaned back and stared at that cock, jutting proudly and pulsing with a life of its own.  It was fascinating and intimidating at the same time, and he just couldn’t stop staring at it. 

Lex smiled.  “Don’t think about it too much,” he assured him, stroking his cheek.  “Just do what feels right.  I’m pretty sure I’ll love everything you do.” 

Clark smiled up at him, then lowered his gaze once more to that straining, bobbing length.  Tentatively he lifted a hand and brushed his thumb over the smooth tip, then wrapped his hand around him and slowly stroked him from the base upwards. 

Lex’s breathing quickened. Clark could actually hear the blood pumping faster through Lex’s veins, and the erection in his hand darkened to a duskier shade, swelling and hardening with every stroke of his hand.  Emboldened, he leaned forward and licked the plump head, fascinated as a clear drop of fluid pooled at the tip of the slit. 

Lex made an anguished sound, and Clark stared at him, alarmed. 

“That’s so good,” he breathed raggedly.  “Again…”

Oh; he likes it, Clark thought, relieved.  Encouraged by Lex’s reaction, he leaned forward and licked him again, getting accustomed to the salty-sweet taste on his tongue.  The more he licked, the wetter Lex got, and the more he craved that ardent response which triggered his own lust.  He licked eagerly, brushing his tongue up and down the shaft in long strokes, pausing to swirl and flick at the head.

“Fuck, yes,” Lex hissed.  His hand cradled the back of Clark’s neck; those hips lifted, and his swollen tip nudged Clark’s lips open.  His unspoken message was clear, and Clark was eager to give him what he wanted, what he himself had experienced from Lex’s mouth. 

He parted his lips wide, surrounding the head of Lex’s cock in his mouth, then slowly sank downwards. 

“Holy fuck,” Lex rasped. 

Clark felt the rigid length slide wetly over his tongue and deep into his mouth.  Instinctively he drew back, almost releasing him; Lex was quick to thrust back inside, and there was that groan again, along with a cry of pleasure that sounded like it had been wrenched from the depths of Lex’s soul.

“More,” he whispered helplessly.  “Please…”

Clark had never heard Lex beg for anything in his life.  Spurred on by the obvious need in that voice he tightened his mouth and sucked, sliding up and down the silken shaft which pumped between his lips.  

Lex’s voice rose in a heady moan.  His hold on Clark’s head tightened; Clark gripped the base of his shaft and sucked hard.  Suddenly Lex sank deep, his body tensing up tight as a bowstring.  His orgasm broke and he groaned and bucked uncontrollably with the force of it. Clark felt a warm rush of liquid in his mouth as Lex came in pulsing spurts, and instinctively he swallowed it all down with a heady sense of triumph.  His hand went to his own groin and he tugged fiercely, reaching fulfilment within seconds.  

For long moments the air was punctuated by nothing but the harsh sound of heavy breathing from both of them.  After a while Lex tugged on his shoulder, and he sidled up beside him. 

“See?” Lex whispered.  “No spontaneous combustion.  Told you we’d be fine.” 

Clark smiled and wrapped his arms around him.  “That’s a relief.  Thank you for believing in me, Lex.” 


He stroked Lex’s head and dropped a kiss on his forehead. “I love you.” 

“I love you too,” Lex mumbled sleepily.  “So much.”


They both slept well into the morning. 

The insistent ring of his cell phone eventually roused Clark from sleep.  He slipped out of bed, careful not to wake Lex, and quietly stepped into the hallway to take the call.

“Morning, Mom,” he mumbled sleepily.  “How’s Dad?”

“As well as can be expected, given the circumstances,” she replied, sounding positive. 

“That’s good.  Are you back home?”

“Unfortunately, not; our meeting with your dad’s consultant has been pushed back to four o’clock, so we won’t be back in Smallville until much later in the evening,” she replied.  “Where are you?  We called the house, but you didn’t pick up.” 

He took a deep breath.  “I’m at the Luthor Mansion.” 

“The Mansion?” she echoed.  “What are you doing there? Is Lex alright?” 

“He’s fine.” 

“Then why the visit?”

He sighed.  “It’s a long story; I’ll tell you all about it when you get home.” 

She went silent for several seconds.  Then: “Clark, is everything okay?” 

He could hear the concern in her voice, the fear that somehow his secret may have been discovered. Which it had, but not the way she thought. 

He smiled.  “Everything’s perfect, Mom.  Like I said, we’ll talk when you get back.  See you both soon.  Love you.”

“Love you too, son.” 

He hung up the phone and turned around to see Lex in the doorway. 

“How are they?” he asked. 

“Slight delay; they’ll be back later tonight.”

“Good.”  Lex sauntered towards him with a suggestive grin.  “I must admit, I’m selfishly pleased that I have you all to myself for a few more hours.” 

“You can have me for a lot longer if that’s what you want,” Clark replied solemnly, wrapping his arms around Lex when he got close.  

Lex’s smile faded. “I want nothing more, believe me.  But your parents…”

“I’m going to tell them about us, Lex,” he said, determined.  “Tonight.” 

Lex rested a hand on his cheek, and Clark could see concern in those stormy eyes.  “It’s not going to be easy though, is it?” Lex whispered. 

“Mom loves me, no matter what.  Dad… well, he won’t be happy.  But I have to trust that he’ll come around eventually.  I love you, and I don’t want to lie to them about us, or sneak around.  This feels right, and I can’t imagine being with anyone else but you.” 

“If I were any other man, it might not matter so much, but…” he sighed.  “My name is Luthor, Clark.  Your dad hated me before I had sex with you.  Now he’ll want to sling me up by my balls for daring to corrupt his son.” 

“I’m not a child anymore, and I’ll insist he stop treating me like one.”

“You’re 23, Clark; I’m over 30.  He’ll say I took advantage of you.”  

Clark snorted.  “He’s hardly one to talk.  By time he was my age, he’d eloped with Mom, who was a few years younger than I am now.” 

“That may be, but he wasn’t in a same sex relationship, so it was more socially acceptable,” Lex pointed out.  “Do you honestly think he’ll be okay with the fact that you’re gay?”

Clark stiffened slightly.  “I’m not fond of labels,” he said quietly.  “I’m in love with you.  You just happen to be a man; that’s all.” 

Lex nodded.  “I understand.  I’ve been defined by this–” he touched his smooth head “–for as long as I can remember, and it’s not pleasant when people can’t see past that.” 

Clark smiled.  “Well, I do.  And love you, and I’m proud to stand before my father with you at my side.” 

Lex took a deep breath.  “As long as you’re sure…”

“I am.  We connected from the very first moment I touched you, Lex.  This has been twenty years in the making, and I don’t want to waste another second that I could be spending with you.”

Lex’s eyes glistened with tell-tale tears, and he smiled and took his hand, interlacing their fingers together.  “Then I’ll be there with you, like this, when you tell them.” 

Clark grinned and lifted their linked fingers to kiss Lex’s hand.  “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 


The End.

Date: 2016-08-26 11:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I read this chapter as well. Don't know how the comment went to the 6th chapter but still all good. Haven't read Clex in years. Missed it.

Date: 2016-09-02 12:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's been a while, hasn't it? Thanks for commenting, I'm pleased you liked it!

Date: 2016-09-01 05:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh! So sweet and sexy and wonderful. Squee!

Date: 2016-09-02 12:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So glad you liked it,and thanks for the awesome prompt! :-)


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