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To those of you who have made this journey with me thorough 51,000 words, 141 pages, 2,250 paragraphs and 7,117 lines, I say a massive, massive thank you.  I’ve loved having you every step of the way, and your feedback has encouraged me, inspired me and pushed me to be a better writer.


What can I say?  You all ROCK!!! J




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Last chapter.  Wha-hey!!! J


I think I tied it up nicely, but because I started with a prologue it’s only fair that I conclude with an epilogue.  That should be up in an hour or so.


The journey is almost over.  I hope that, unlike with PS3 & Smallville, you have had a good time along the way.


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I love feedback 

I love feedback

Yes I do

Yes I do

Feedback makes me squee so

Feedback makes me squee, so

Leave some, do

I love you! J

(Sung to the tune of Frere Jacques!)



Chapter 25 )
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Okay, just one more chapter after this.  And I mean it this time!!!




PS:  Feedback makes me feel all gooey inside! J


Chapter 24 )
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Sorry for the late chapter!

Once again, it stretches on.  But its a nice, sweet chapter.  [ profile] excelaunt  wanted more family interaction, and I think I've delivered.


PS:  Feedback is better than sex.  Well, not really.  Still...

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Chapter 23 )
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We're almost there, people!  Next chapter is up.

Just picking up where Chlark left off.  Which means more smut.  Yay!

The usual disclaimer - please do no go behind cut if you are under 18.

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PS: I'm still a shameless CommentSlut!

Chapter 22 )
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FInally, LJ gives me a break!

Here's Chapter 21.  And as promised...smut.

Enjoy!  Unless, of course, you're under 18.  Sorry. 

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Chapter 21 )
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I apologise for how late this is - a combination of real life and internet troubles.  To make up for it, I have two short chapters.  It was supposed to me one long one, but LJ won't let me post it as one, so it's been split.  The good news is that the chapter folllowing has some smut. Yay!

Here you go. 

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Chapter 20 )
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In spite of my current Smallville-induced depression, I managed to come up with another chapter.  I’m not too pleased with it, but if I tweak it anymore I think I might make it worse.


So here it is.  Please pardon my less-than-stellar mood…I’m still in a bit of a funk. L



The banner's gorgeous, though.  Thanks, [ profile] ctbn60! :-)



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Hey, my pretties!

Managed to get this tidied up sooner than I thought.

Enjoy!  Banner by [ profile] ctbn60. :-)

Chapter 18... )
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This chapter kicked my ass, I tell ya.  But it’s finally here.  And it was so gloriously long that LJ didn't let me post it.  So I've split it, and will see if I can add a bit on to the rest of it to make another complete chapter.

My work never ends.



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Chapter 17... )
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Okay, new chapter.  Finally.


There’s more written after this, but it’s not ready for posting, and I’m already late for the PTA meeting.  The rest will go up tomorrow.  So there!




And feedback warms me hearrrrt! J

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Don’t ever say I don’t listen to you.


[ profile] laurelnola asked for some happy, and pretty much everyone has been on my neck for a worthy Chlark reunion.  I’m happy to say this instalment contains both.  And the bonus?  No evil cliffie!


Oh, and [ profile] marikology - you ordered a side of Tearful!Clark?  Get ready to squee like a fangirl, honey.


Enjoy!  Gorgeous banner by ctbn60, and I can't thank her enough.  Isn't this lovely? *melts*  



Chapter 15... )
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Hey, Sweeties!


New chapter for y’all.


Okay it’s a short one, but at least it’s something!




***Feedback makes me work faster! J***


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Chapter 14... )
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Hello, my lovelies!


This is the last chapter with flashbacks in it.  In Dr Carter’s words. “…it’s all gonna be forward movement from here on.”


Well, after this chapter anyway. J


Enjoy!  Lovely banner by [ profile] ctbn60.  Thanks, Carol! :-)


***PS: Did I mention that I love feedback? :-P ***



Chapter 13... )
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Next chapter for y’all.  It was supposed to be a long one tying up all the loose ends, but it got a wee bit too long, so I decided to split it.


The good news is that the chapter following this one is ready, and will go up in a few hours.  Thought you should all pace yourselves.    


Enjoy!  Lovely banner by the more than lovely [ profile] ctbn60. :-)



***PS: I lurrrrrrrrve feedback J ***




Chapter 12... )
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Hi, People!

I would say there is light at the end of the tunnel, but this just keeps getting longer and longer.

Anyhew - next chapter's here.  The small, underused energy-saving bulb in Clark's head finally seems to be coming on.

Enjoy! *cough-love feedback!-cough*

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Chapter 11... )
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Next chapter, peeps!

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Chapter 10... )
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Okay, you can all go burn your 'Die Manwhore, Die' placards, people...the BDA is not as dumb as y'all think.  At least, not in this fic.

Chapter 9 is here.  Enjoy!

PS: I'm a shameless Comment!Whore.  *hint-hint*





Chapter 9... )
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Next chapter, people.  Please don't hate me by the end of it! :-\


Awesome banner by [ profile] ctbn60.  Thanks, babes! :-) 

Title:               Wounded Heart

Author:          BabyDee
Pairing:          Chlark

Rating:           PG

Warnings:      None
Timeline:       Post-‘Legion’

Disclaimer:    All characters belong to the CW & DC comics. 


Read previous chapter here.

Read story from the beginning here.


Chapter 8... )
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Miracles do happen.

My husband is napping. 
My babies are napping. 
All at the same time.

Y'all know what that means, dontcha? 


 I decided to lighten things up for Chloe a was getting all too doomy & gloomy for the poor kid.

Enjoy!  Banner by the brilliant ctbn60, who is da BOMB. :-) 

Read previous chapter here.
Read story from the beginning here.

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