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Hope everyone's well.  I'm still working on all my WIPs, but managed to eke out a wee oneshot for y'all.  Hope you like it!

Banner by [ profile] chleansmile.  Written for [ profile] firebunny in the [ profile] secret_chlark 2016-17 gift exchange.

Cheap Thrills by Chleansmile

Title: Cheap Thrills
Written by [ profile] babydee1

Timeline: Season 4
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The usual; characters belong to the WB & CW. I just borrow, ya?
Description: Clark & Chloe make the best use of an intimate situation they unexpectedly find themselves in
Length: 2,300 words

Cheap Thrills

“You know, for a Sad Singletons Party, the atmosphere in here is anything but sad,” Chloe observed.  “Or single.”

“You got that right,” Clark agreed.  He lifted his beer bottle to his lips and took a deep swig, his eyes surveying his classmates as he’d never seen them before.  The front room of Shelley Bright’s opulent home looked like it had been transformed into a den of iniquity for the night, and all classmates unlucky enough to be dateless on February 14th had been fast-tracked an invite.  The only conditions for entry were to bring either a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer; thus, drinks were flowing, inhibitions were thrown to the winds, and indiscreet hook-ups were happening left, right and centre.

“Shelley should have told everyone to bring their own condoms as well,” Chloe remarked as a boy and a giggling girl headed upstairs hand in hand. 

“She didn’t have to.”  Clark pointed to the middle of the living room centre table upon which a bowl of multi-coloured foil packets sat conspicuously.  “Looks like she thought of everything.” 

“Hmm.  I wonder how many of these people will wake up with regrets tomorrow morning?”

Clark groaned. “You’re not thinking of turning tonight’s activities into an article for The Torch, are you?”

She shrugged.  “I am a socially responsible person, and this would be the socially responsible thing to do.”

“You’re here to have fun, Chloe,” he reprimanded.  “When was the last time you spent an evening out with a date as opposed to sitting in front of a school computer writing about the sorry state of the world?”

Chloe’s eyes widened.  “Are you suggesting I take advantage of the situation and indulge in a random hook-up?” 

“You know me better than that.  All I’m saying is you should take a night off work, let your hair down and just enjoy yourself for a change.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes.  “Fine, I’ll have another glass of wine, then.” 

“Allow me.”  He walked over to the table and poured her a generous glass of red, which he took back to her.

Just then, Shelley approached them, a broad smile on her face. 

“Chloe! Clark!” she exclaimed excitedly.  “So glad you could both make it.  Ooh, and you’re just in time for the next party game of the night.  I insist you both join in!”

Clark and Chloe shared a worried look, and glanced towards the living room.  The centre table was being shifted across to one side by a few enthusiastic participants, and a group of about seven people began to sit cross-legged in a circle. 

“Spin the Bottle,” Chloe realised in dismay.  “Um… Shelley, I – I don’t think –”   

“No excuses.”  Shelley stood between them, hooked her arms in both of theirs and marched them towards the spot.  “It’s Valentine’s Day, and I declare that no-one leaves here tonight without at least having had a kiss.  Even if it’s with someone of the same sex.”

“Wait, what?!” Clark cried.

Shelley grinned.  “I’m progressive that way.  Now sit.” 


Clark Kent wasn’t the most expressive guy, and the thought of being subjected to five minutes in an enclosed space with a stranger was almost enough to make him break out in hives.  So far tonight, he’d been managed to avoid locking lips with anyone, male or female... but that looked set to change, as the most recent spin landed with its spout pointing in his direction.

“Clark, it’s your turn!” Shelley announced.  “…and the person you’ll be cosying up to in the Cuddle Closet is…”

The bottle was spun once more.  It rotated several times with a characteristic tinkly sound, slowed, and finally stopping in front of…

“Chloe Sullivan?” Shelley said in surprise. 

Chloe gasped and stared at Clark, as surprised as everybody else.

“Oh yeah, like those two are gonna do anything worthwhile in there,” someone commented dryly.

“I know, right? They’ve been friends for years, and nothing’s ever happened. Don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

“Waste of a spin, in my opinion,” another piped up.

“Yeah, totally boring.”

Shelley sighed in disappointment.  “Well, you guys know what to do, not that you’ll actually do it.”

Chloe gaped.  “Hey, don’t give up on us, we can do this!”

“The idea was for both of you to land on other people, not each other,” Shelly said. “I’m sorry, but this is not the stuff of cheap thrills, like I’d hoped.” She got to her feet.  “I’m going to get myself another beer.”

“Me too,” someone else added.  One by one, the entire group stood up and drifted towards the beverage table.

“But we’re not boring!” Chloe insisted.  

“Yeah, we can kiss for five minutes!” Clark added in protest.

“Make it ten,” Shelley replied, uninterested.  “Give us all a chance to get a bit more wasted, maybe even catch a movie whilst we’re at it.”


“How dare they!” Chloe seethed as they shut themselves in the Closet.  “I am outraged!”

“Me too!”

“I mean, us, boring? Really?!”

“Don’t listen to them, Chloe. We are not boring.  We’re not.”

“Not even remotely!”

“Not at all.”

“I mean we basically got reduced to an ad break, for crying out loud!”

Clark made a wry face.  “Yeah, that sucks.”

“I am totally offended by that!”

“Oh God, me, too. We should kiss, just to prove them wrong,” he suggested.

“Right with you there, buddy.”

He hadn’t expected her to react so positively and so quickly to his suggestion, but she was probably too furious to care. Her hands found his in the dark, and she pulled him towards her.  Clark instinctively leaned down in the darkness, and his lips met hers.

Her mouth was warm and soft, and her lips parted beneath his.  Tentatively he slipped his tongue into her mouth.  She tasted of red wine; sweet, heady and intoxicating, and he deepened the kiss, tangling his tongue with hers. 

He heard her moan slightly and her hands came up and tangled in his hair. The length of her body pressed against his, and he could feel the warm softness of her breasts against his chest.  A heaviness began to build in his lower body, and his cock stiffened in response to her embrace.

Eventually they came apart, gasping for breath as they did so.  He could just about make out the outline of her face in the dark, and she looked just as wide-eyed and out of breath as he felt. 

“That was hot,” Clark managed when he could speak.

So hot,” she agreed, equally breathless.  “See?  I knew we could do it.” 

“Too bad they’d never believe us, though,” he pointed out.

“I know, such a shame.  Maybe I should take my top off, just to teach them a lesson.” 

“Good idea.  I’ll help you.”

“Oh, thanks.” 

He helped her push her jacket off her shoulders, and then lifted her sweater over her head.  In the darkness he could just about make out the pale outlines of the cups of her bra, and his breathing quickened. 

“You know what would really stick it to them? If I touched your boobs,” he suggested.

“Mmm, I’m down with that.  You’re full of good ideas tonight.”

She took his hands and placed them on her breasts.  Gently he squeezed the pliant flesh, and she moaned softly.  Her nipples pebbled beneath the fabric against his palm, and the blatant reaction of her body caused his to respond in kind.  He reached inward with his thumbs, unhooked the front clasp, and moved the cups out of the way.

Chloe inhaled sharply when his fingertips grazed her bare flesh. Her bare skin against his palm was warmer and softer than ever, and those tantalising tips called to him like a siren.  He teased her nipples between his thumb and forefinger; her moans amplified, and she clutched at his hair and pulled his head down towards her breasts, making her intention clear.

Clark was more than happy to comply.  He lowered his tongue and gently brushed it over one stiff peak, and she shivered with delight in his arms.

“Oh God, that’s so good,” she whispered frantically.  “Don’t stop…don’t stop…”

He had no intention of doing so.  His licks grew firmer and wetter on the one breast whilst his fingers tightened on the other, teasing her nipples relentlessly with his hands and mouth.  Chloe arched her back, offering herself to him fully.   Clark parted his lips and took her breast into his mouth, sucking deeply.  Her moans rose sharply and suddenly she cried out, her body convulsing against him in spasms.

Holy crap, had he just made her come?”


Clark held her and gently stroked her hair as the tightening in her body subsided. She eventually relaxed and sagged against him as her knees weakened. 

“You okay?” he whispered.

“More than okay, she panted.  “That was amazing.” 

“Um… thanks,” he murmured, feeling very smug with himself.  He’d just given Chloe an orgasm.  Cool!  

Chloe’s fingers drifted south and rested on the tight bulge straining against his jeans.  Clark hissed as her fingers closed around him and squeezed.

“That is so good,” he whispered raggedly, pushing his hips forward for more of her touch. 

“I can make it even better,” she offered sultrily.  She reached down and unbuckled his belt, then popped the button on his jeans and pulled the zipper down.  He waited with bated breath as her hand dipped beneath the waistband of his boxers, and…

Yesss,” he groaned.  Her hand surrounded his heated length and slid up and down in smooth strokes.  He heard a muffled thud as she dropped to her knees; her hands pulled his trousers and shorts down further down, freeing his thighs.


She smiled up at him, her teeth glinting impishly in the darkness.  “I’ve always wanted to do this,” she whispered. Then she lowered her head and her lips surrounded the head of his cock.

Fuck!” he hissed.  She was going down on him.  Chloe was going down on him

Clark’s nerve endings came alive as he experienced sensations that were completely new to him.   Her mouth moved slowly on him, sliding down the length of his shaft then back up to the tip.  Her tongue swept over the bulbous head, licking away the moisture that gathered there.  His knees buckled as she sucked, her head bobbing as she drove him wild and crazy with need.

“Oh God,” he groaned.  There was a spasming in his balls, and he knew he was close.  Carefully he lifted her away from him, and she replaced her mouth with her hand just as the dam exploded.

His cock twitched as he erupted into her palm.  He buried his face in her neck and stifled his moans as desire pulsed through him, then gradually subsided. 

After several seconds, he lifted his head and grinned at her.  “We did it.” 

She smiled back, her teeth gleaming in the darkness.  “Yeah, we did.  Sure showed them.”


Clark reached into his back pocket for his ever-present handkerchief and used it to wipe Chloe’s hand clean.  They righted their clothing, counted to three, then opened the Closet door and stepped out. 

Perfect timing; Shelley was just returning with a pitcher of beer, a tray of nachos, and a random handsome classmate on her heels.  “Well?” she asked. 

“We kissed,” Chloe said cheerfully. 

“Yeah, it was really something.” 

Shelley rolled her eyes.  “Sure you did.  Remind me never to invite you two to a singles party again. Right, who’s up next?” 


Some night, huh?” Clark commented as he walked her home. 

Chloe nodded.  “Yeah, it was.” 

Nothing more was forthcoming.  She was uncharacteristically quiet tonight, which wasn’t a surprise considering what had just happened.  No doubt she was wondering where they’d go from here; they’d gone from best friends to giving each other incredible orgasms in one evening.  Speaking of which…

“So, um… I was hoping we might do this again sometime,” Clark said shyly.

Chloe glanced across at him.  “I think Shelley meant what she said about us not being invited to her next shindig, Clark.”

“I meant just you and me, nobody else,” he clarified.

She avoided his gaze.  “Oh.”

Silence descended again.  Chloe Sullivan, lost for words.  That was a first. 

“I know it was fun to put it all down to proving that we weren’t boring,” he continued, “…but I’d quite like us to recreate that magic just for ourselves.”


He took a deep breath.  “Look, if I’m honest, it never was really about proving anything to anybody,” he admitted.  “Shelley said you and I weren’t the stuff of cheap thrills, and she was right.  I’ve wanted you for a long time, Chloe.  I was just too scared to admit it to myself, or to you. Until now.” 

She blushed and nodded.  “Me, too.” 

He reached for her hand, and they walked on hand in hand.

“So what now?” she asked. 

He grinned.  “We make magic again.  Preferably not in a closet.”

She giggled.  “I’m down with that.” 

They got to her front door.  He tilted her chin upward and planted a kiss on her lips.  When he lifted his head, there was a sparkle in her eyes.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow?” he whispered.

“I’d like that,” she replied with a smile. “Very much.”  


The end


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