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Title:               Convalescence
Author:         [ profile] babydee1
Pairing:          Clex
Rating:           NC-17
Warnings:     M/M Sex (Slash)
Timeline:       Season 5-ish
Disclaimer:   All characters belong to the CW & DC comics. 
Summary:     When Clark falls ill after uncovering loads kryptonite at the Kent Farm, Lex welcomes him to the Mansion to, um… recuperate. *wink-wink* ;-)
Feedback:      …Always. :-)

Based on an awesome prompt by [ profile] phillydragonldy in the [ profile] svsunkenships challenge


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Chapter 4

He was kissing Lex.

Kissing. Lex.

He lay there beside his friend, their lips pressed together in a tentative caress. There was a brief moment when he expected Lex to pull away and react adversely to his advances; but the moment passed quickly.  Instead, Lex’s lips parted slightly, presenting Clark with the opportunity to stroke Lex’s lower lip with his tongue.  He heard Lex exhale roughly, his mouth opening even wider.  With a courage he never knew he possessed, Clark fanned his fingers at the base of Lex’s neck, holding him gently in place, and slipped his tongue into Lex’s mouth.

It was a strange, though not wholly unexpected turn of events.  Despite the fact that they’d both only previously dated female partners, there’d always been a simmering, lingering attraction between himself and Lex that had hitherto gone unexplored.  There was no denying that what was happening here was sexual; however, Clark had no idea what would happen next, or how events would play out.  This was completely new territory, for both of them. 

Clark brushed his tongue against Lex’s, relishing the taste of the lingering sweet saltiness of the popcorn they’d shared earlier.  Lex moaned and leaned in to deepen the kiss; first brushing their tongues lightly together, then stroking firmly as years of supressed emotions were let loose.  Lex threaded his hands in Clark’s hair and anchored his head as he kissed him, grinding their pelvises together so each could feel the heated ridge of flesh pressing into the other’s groin.  

Clark shuddered as arousal buzzed through him.  It was a hell of a first kiss. 

His hands moved to the front of Lex’s silk pyjama top and his fingers shook as he fumbled with the buttons.  Finally, the last one slipped loose and he shoved it off Lex’s shoulders.  Lex’s hands had been busy, too; before long, both of them were stripped to the waist, skin against silken skin.  Lex nibbled his way down Clark’s jaw until his face was buried in the crook of his neck, finding all the sensitive spots and making him shiver and moan with delight. 

Clark may have made the first move, but Lex quickly took charge.  He travelled down his torso; licking, kissing and sucking on Clark’s nipples until he felt slick moisture dampening the front of his pyjama trousers.  Lex’s hand reached between them and caressed Clark’s belly before descending further and grasping his cock, making his cock stiffen even further. 

Clark gasped, his hips lifting off the bed as Lex stroked him through the damp fabric.  “Fuck!”

“You like that?” Lex murmured.

His hand tightened as he stroked upwards, and Clark nodded sharply.  “God, yes. Yes… More…” 

Lex obliged, sliding his hand firmly up and down the length of Clark’s erection until he almost sobbed with pleasure.  Lex thrust against him, and Clark could feel the dampness against his hip from Lex’s groin as precome trickled out of him. 

Clark reached for him, but Lex shifted and inched his body downwards until he was at eye-level with Clark’s waist, his hand not leaving the front of Clark’s trousers.  He gathered the fabric in his hand and eased the waistband down, tugging slowly until Clark’s cock sprang free of its confines. 

Lex stared at what he had uncovered, his mouth dropping open in wonder.  Finally, he spoke, his voice gravelly with desire.

“I’m not the only one that’s beautiful, Clark.” 

Clark swallowed, his throat thick with emotion.  He reached down and stroked Lex’s smooth head; Lex’s back arched, as though that one simple touch had sent tingles up his spine. 

Lex stared hungrily at Clark’s erection and licked his lips; an action that did not go unnoticed by Clark as he stiffened slightly and his cock bobbed in expectation. 

Lex wrapped his hand around Clark’s cock and held his gaze as he slowly eased the plump tip into his mouth.  Clark uttered a strangled groan and urged his hips forward, pushing more of himself into Lex’s mouth.  Lex’s lips surrounded him and sank downwards; then pulled up in a firm, sucking motion before sinking down again, taking Clark deeper into his mouth.

Fuck,” Clark sobbed.  “Don’t stop… please don’t stop… ahhh…”

Lex’s hand grasped him lower down and moved in counterpart with his mouth, establishing a rhythm that Clark met with eager thrusts of his own.   It was good, so good, that Clark could barely control the needy sounds of pleasure falling helplessly from his lips.  He clasped both hands around Lex’s head and fucked his mouth hard, his voice rising as an intense wave of electricity coursed through him and sent him hurtling towards the edge. 

“Oh, yesss…” wave after wave of pure sensual energy pulsed through his entire body, engulfing him in a rush of heat.  Before he could stop himself he was coming, empting himself into Lex’s mouth as he shuddered with a fierce, long-drawn out groan. 

Eventually the pleasure subsided.  Clark slumped heavily back on the bed, his eyelids drifting shut as he took deep breaths of air to try and get back to normal.

“Holy, shit,” Lex murmured.  “That’s… smoking.”

Clark grinned, his eyes still shut.  “I know, right?  That was awesome!”

“I agree, but I was referring to the scorch marks you left on my ceiling, Clark.”


Scorch marks.

Clark’s eyes snapped open, his post-orgasmic lassitude fading instantly. There on the ceiling were two tell-tale, erratic, blackened twin lines, a wispy plume of smoke rising out of one of them.

Shit.  He’d come so hard, he’d set the ceiling on fire. 

Lex got out of bed and reached for the fire extinguisher that was fixed to the wall.  Clark could only watch silently as his friend aimed the nozzle at the fire-damaged area. Fortunately, the mansion walls appeared to be coated in fire-resistant paint, because the damage was superficial, and significantly minimal compared to all the other times his heat vision had accidentally discharged. 

After putting the extinguisher back in its place, Lex returned and sat on the end of the bed, facing him.  Clark sat silently, not daring to meet Lex’s eyes, afraid of the horror and judgement he might see in their stormy depths. 

Lex reached out and took his hands.  He said nothing, but his thumbs made soothing circles on Clark’s palms, which calmed him down somewhat and gave him a lick of courage.  He owed Lex an explanation, that much was clear. 

“I guess after that, you have questions,” Clark finally said, his voice barely above a whisper. 

“Just the one, for now,” he replied, just as softly.  “The team that sorted out your basement said that there were huge amounts of meteor rocks buried beneath the ground. Did they… make you this way?  Because I’d completely understand if you were affected.”

Clark took a deep breath and sighed.  “The easy thing to do would be to lie and say yes, but… I can’t lie to you anymore, Lex; not after what we’ve just shared.” 

Lex nodded.  “Okay; I appreciate that.”

“And… and I’ll understand if you hate me after you know the truth.”

“I could never hate you Clark, no matter what,” Lex said reassuringly.  “So… what is the truth?” 

Clark gulped.  “I’m not… from around here.”

Lex nodded again.  “You were adopted, I know.”

“My parents found me in a field on the day of the meteor shower,” he continued quietly. 

A smile lifted the corner of Lex’s mouth.  “I know that, too.” 

“What you don’t know is that they found me next to a spaceship,” he continued.  “A spaceship that I had just… emerged from.”

Lex’s smile faded.  “So you’re saying that…. that you’re a… an…”

Clark nodded.  “I’m an alien, Lex.”


Chapter 5

Date: 2016-05-06 04:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Woah. *fans self* Is it hot in here or it it just the steamy Clex???

Date: 2016-05-09 08:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
They are amazingly hawt, aren't they? :-)

So glad you like it, and my apologies for sending it through in drips and drabs; my life is quite hectic at the moment (but in a good way!)


Date: 2016-05-13 09:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Just found this... Can't wait to read more :) Does it have cover art yet? That would be awesome! Who should we nudge for that? hmmm....


Re: Wonderful!

Date: 2016-05-17 09:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi Jules! Glad you like it so far.

No cover art as yet, but I'm hoping someone rises to the challenge! :-D


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