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I made it!!! :-D

Ladies & Gents, welcome to my master fic list.  Enjoy!

Here we go.  Stories are listed in alphabetical order for now, and by 'ship.



Agenda: NC-17 Chlark Novel, Post-Season 8. Written for the 2011 smallvillebbang long Fanfic challenge, and for legendarytobes for her Legendary Women Auction win. More than a decade after the Doomsday Rampage, Clark makes a shocking discovery that changes his life forever. Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut. 63,100 words.

*1st Place Winner in the Best Chlark Fanfiction category of the 2012 sv_fca Awards 
**1st Place Winner in the Best Original Character category of the 2012 sv_fca Awards
***Runner-up in the Best Long Length Het Fancfiction category of the 2012 sv_fca Awards 

****Nominated for Best Complete Story in the 2012 sv_fca Awards


Associated Wins/Nominations:
Winner - Best Het Icon (Agenda) by go_clo 
Winner - Best Chlark cover win (Agenda) by go_clo 
Nomination - Best Chlark cover  (Agenda) by sylvanelfmistre

All The Way: PG-13 (for now) Chlark story, spans all seasons. Basically Chlark's entire journey starting from their first meeting. Sequel to Daisychain, second in the Destiny Series. Friendship, Romance and eventually Smut. WIP (30,700+ words).

Bedtime Blues: G, Chlark oneshot, companion piece to Wounded Heart. Not even Superman is exempt from night-time Daddy Duty. Family fic, 1,300 words.

Big Bad Wolf: NC-17, Chlark novelette, Season 6. Clark draws inspiration from Chloe's Halloween costume. Smut, romance. 7,700 words.  Nominated for Best Medium Length Het Fanfiction in the 2012 sv_fca Awards.

Comfort and Joy: G, Chlark Oneshot, pre-series. Holiday fic, first in the Sacred Series. Clark and Chloe spend their first Christmas together and exchange iconic gifts. 3,800 words.

Crisis: NC-17, Chlark/Kaloe, Season 2-3 (Exodus-Exile; Clark's RedK Summer. A violent encounter between Clark and Chloe threatens to destroy their friendship forever. Warnings: Graphic sex, non-con/rape, angst. Very, very dark . 83,200 words.

*1st Place Winner in the Best Work in Progress Category of the sv_fca Awards
**Nominated for Best Chlark Fanfiction in the 2012 
sv_fca Awards

Crisis II: The Healing: NC-17, multi-chapter, Seasons 2-3. Following the devastating events of Crisis, Clark and Chloe attempt to rebuild their friendship against all odds.  Angst, Friendship, Romance.  WIP, 1,650+ words.

Daisychain: G, Wee!Chlark oneshot, pre-series/post meteor shower. Prequel to Today, tomorrow and Forever. Clark meets a little girl who is none too pleased at having just had her hair cut. First in the Destiny Series. Friendship. 3,700 words.

Incredible: NC-17, Chlark oneshot, Season 3. Sequel to Indelible, third in the Sacred Series.  While Clark was indulging in his stash of Bikini!Chloe porn, what was Chloe doing? Pure PWP, 1,900 words.

Indelible: NC-17, Chlark oneshot, Season 3. Sequel to Peach Bikini, fourth in the Sacred Series. Clark puts his bikini pics of Chloe to, er...interesting use. Pure PWP, 2,100 words.

*1st Place Winner in the Best PWP Category of the sv_fca Awards

Let It Snow!: G, Chlark oneshot, futurefic.  Chloe doesn't fancy making snowballs and snow angels, but her husband and daughter have other ideas.  Sequel to Agenda; fluff, family, romance.  Written for thechlarkette for the secret_chlark 2012 winter gift exchange.  2,700 words.

Mexican Standoff: PG, Young!Chlark oneshot, pre-Season 1. Chloe drags Clark out ladyshopping, with hilarious results. Friendship. 1,800 words. Works as a companion piece to Right in Front of You.

No Compromise: PG-13, Chlark short story circa Season 10 (Collateral-Masquerade).  Written for h2osprincess for the secret_chlark winter 2011 challenge.  After overcoming all Desaad's temptations, Chloe finally accepts the truth of what's really in her heart.  Angst, Friendship, Romance. 12,300 words.
Nominated for Best Chlark Fanfiction in the 2012 sv_fca Awards 
Associated WinWinner - Best Chlark Fanfiction Banner (No Compromise) by ctbn60

Olympus Awaits: NC-17, Chlark short story, time travel fic.  Written for: m_strangchild in the 2015 Summer secret_chlark challenge.  When Clark and Chloe get freaky on the site of a sacred Greek temple, they get a much bigger bang than they bargained for.  Smut, adventure. 7,800 words.

Peach Bikini: PG-13, Chlark short story, circa Season 3; second in the Sacred Series. Chloe loses to Clark in a debate and has to accompany him to Crater Lake in a two-piece swimsuit - much to his delight. Friendship.  9,700 words.

*Runner-Up in the Best Medium Length Het Fanfiction Category in the sv_fca Awards

On the Inside: NC-17, Chlark, Post Failsday/Season 9 (Saviour - Crossfire). Chloe tries to start life anew in another city, but Clark thinks she left her heart back in Metropolis. Friendship, Romance. 35,700 words.

Right in Front of You: NC-17, Chlark novella, Season 7. Clark and Chloe each ditch their dead relationships and go for a much-needed evening out. Friendship, Romance, some Angst. 25,400 words.

Secrets and Lies: NC-17, Chlark short story, Season 5. Written for mrs_roy for the Summer 2012 secret_chlark Gift Exchange.  Clark and Chloe start up a sexual relationship...but his girlfriend Lana doesn't know. PWP, Romance. 7,500 words.

Something in the Air: NC-17, Chlark short story, Season 5. The Laws of Physics (and Common Sense) finally come into play regarding Clark's superspeed. PWP Crack!fic, extremely silly.  3,900 words.

Splinter: PG13, Chlark oneshot, Season 2. Chloe gets her hands on Clark's wood. It's a lot more innocent than it sounds. Really. Friendship. 2,600 words. Works as a companion piece to Right in Front of You.

Temptation: NC-17, Chlark short story, AU-ish Season 5. Sequel to Temptress, second in the Tempting Series. Chloe thinks Clark is working too hard and neglecting himself (and her!), and is determined to get him to have a little fun. Pure porn without plot. 7,400 words.  Nominated for Best Series in the sv_fca Awards
Associated Win/NominationNomination - Best Chlark Banner Art (Temptation) by ellashy

Tempted: NC-17, Chlark short story, futurefic. Third installment in the Tempting Series, follows Temptress & Temptation. This time, it's Chloe who's working herself to the bone, and Clark who stages an intervention. 12,100 words. Nominated for Best Series in the sv_fca Awards

Temptress: NC-17, Chlark/Kaloe novella, Season 4. Clark buys Chloe some perfume for her birthday. Unbeknownst to him, it's laced with red kryptonite. Smut, Angst, Romance. 40,300 words. First installment in the Tempting Series.  Nominated in the Best Romance and Best Series categories of the sv_fca Awards.
Associated Win/NominationNomination - Best Chlark cover Banner Art (Temptress) by m_strangchild 

The Fallen Sky: NC-17, Chlark, Season 8/9 (Hex through Doomsday and onwards). Months after wallking awat from her in Doomsday, Clark returns to Chloe...but finds her a changed woman from the one he left behind. Angst, drama. WIP, 37,800+ words.

The Perfect Gift (a.k.a Five Times Clark Got Chloe a Birthday Pressie): NC-17, Chlark, Seasons 1 - 5. Clark's attempts to get Chloe the perfect birthday present has hilarious results. Third in the Sacred Series. Humour/Comedy, Friendship, Romance. 37,200 words. Nominated for Best Chlark Fanfiction in the 2012 sv_fca Awards 

*Runner-Up in the Best Humour Category of the sv_fca Awards

The Secrets She Keeps: NC-17, Season 6. Clark catches Chloe in a very embarrassing position.  Literally.  PWP/Romance, 8,450 words.

Today, Tomorrow and Forever: PG, Chlark futurefic, oneshot. Sequel to Daisychain, third story in the Destiny Series. Clark begins to remember details of a conversation he had with a cute little blonde twenty years ago. Romance. 1,800 words.

Truth or Dare: NC17, Chlark novellette, Season 6. After Clark's curt words to her at Lana's engagement party, Chloe is determined to discover what really goes on in Clark's head. Smut. 11,700 words.

U-Turn: PG-13 Chlark short story, Season 7. Apocalypse's AU.  Written forsimplytoopretty in the Summer 2010 secret_chlark Gift Exchange.  Clark comes to Chloe for help in a world in which they'd never known each other. AU, friendship, romance. 8,700 words.

Undercover Lover: NC-17, Chlark novella, Season 7 after Persona.  Clark and Chloe get intimate.  But it's all for the sake of the story. Really.  Romance, Smut.  Written for the smallvillebbang long fanfic challenge.  34,600 words.

White Rose: PG-13, Chlark oneshot, Season 10's Homecoming rewritten following my story The Perfect Gift.  Clark and Chloe attend their high school reunion, which is also on Chloe's birthday.  The ending that should have been.  4,500 words.

Wounded Heart: NC-17, Chlark novel-length story, Season 8. After the events of Bride, Clark has to 'fess up to Chloe about erasing her memory and deal with the resulting fallout. Angst, Romance. 51,600 words.

The Tempting Series: (Nominated for Best Series in the sv_fca Awards)
(1)Temptress (Associated Win/NominationNomination - Best Chlark cover Banner Art (Temptress) by m_strangchild)
(2)Temptation (Associated Win/NominationNomination - Best Chlark Banner Art (Temptation) by ellashy)

The Agenda Series
(2)Let It Snow!

The Destiny Series:
(2)All The Way
(3)Today, Tomorrow & Forever

The Sacred Series:
(1)Comfort and Joy
(2)Peach Bikini
(5)The Perfect Gift
(6)White Rose

The Wounded Heart Series:
(1) Wounded Heart
(2) Bedtime Blues

Total Chlark Stories: 32



Façade: NC-17, multi-chapter story, an alternative take on Season 4's Transference based on a prompt by phillydragonldy for the 2015 svsunkenships challenge. It's Lex that swaps bodies with Clark and sets his sights on Chloe. Smut, 9,200 words. 

Orchestrato: NC-17, Chlex multi-chapter story, Season 3-4 Safehouse Summer fic.  Written for kitmerlot1213, auction fic.  Lex inexplicably bonds with Chloe whilst keeping her existence a secret from the world.  Drama, Romance, Angst. 39,000 words. 

Ricochet: R, Oneshot, Season 5/6.  The mutual attraction between Lex and Chloe is impossible to deny or resist.  Angsty romance, 1,800 words. 

Total Chlex Stories: 



*Winner of Best Chloe/Oliver Fanfiction in the[info]sv_fca Awards 

**Nominated for Best Series in the[info]sv_fca Awards 

***Best Chlollie Fanfiction Cover win for [info]ellashy for BITB IV: Falling In (thanks, Ella!) 

Beauty in the Breakdown: Letting Go: R, Chlollie Oneshot, the first in the Beauty in the Breakdown Series. Season 9 (Warrior). After Chloe fires that arrow, she realises everything she's actually letting go of. Oliver's there to pick up the pieces. Friendship, some angst, budding romance. 2,650 words.

Beauty in the Breakdown II: Taking Hold: NC-17 Chlollie oneshot, the second in the Beauty in the Breakdown Series. Season 9 (Warrior). Chloe finds unexpected comfort in Ollie's arms. Angst, drama, budding romance, graphic sex. 2,500 words.

Beauty in the Breakdown III: Reaching Out: NC-17, Chlollie 3-Chapter story, the third in the Beauty in the Breakdown Series. Season 9 (Warrior). Chloe and Oliver emotionally bond over some common ground. 5,900 words.

Beauty in the Breakdown IV - Falling In: NC-17, Chlollie, the fourth in the Beauty in the Breakdown Series. The relationship between Oliver and Chloe continues to deepen on both sides. Friendship, Romance. 23,200 words.
Associated WinWinner - Best Chlollie Banner Art (BITB: Falling In) by ellashy 

Beauty in the Breakdown V: Feeling Good: NC-17, Chlollie 5-Chapter story, fifth in the Beauty in the Breakdown Series. Chloe and Oliver settle into their relationship as it goes public. Romance, 11,700+ words.

Beauty in the Breakdown VI: Private Chats: R, Chlollie Oneshot, sixth in the Beauty in the Breakdown Series. Snooping ears overhear a private conversation, and get the (very) wrong end of the stick. Romantic comedy, 2,000 words.

Beauty in the Breakdown VII: Sacred Words: NC-17, Chlollie multi-chapter, seventh in the Beauty in the Breakdown series. Chloe and Oliver finally exchange those three little words - in their own inimitable style, of course. Fluff, Romance. 8,100 words.

Beauty in the Breakdown VIII: Living Life: NC-17, Chlollie multi-chapter, eighth in the Beauty in the Breakdown series. As with everything else in Chloe and Oliver's relationship, their next step is as unconventional as ever.  Romance, 11,800 words. 

Beauty in the Breakdown IX: 'Fessing Up: PG-13, Chlollie multi-chapter, ninth in the Beauty in the Breakdown series.  Chloe & Oliver's spur-of-the-moment wedding does not sit well with Chloe's cousin. Romance, 13,600 words.

Beauty in the Breakdown X: Snow Angel: PG-13, Chlollie multi-chapter, tenth in the Beauty in the Breakdown series.  Very early in their marriage, Chloe and Oliver suffer a devastating loss.  Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance. 12,800 words.

Beauty in the Breakdown XI: Baby LovePG-13, Chlollie multi-chapter, eleventh in the Beauty in the Breakdown series.  Chloe and Oliver move on, and the family increases by one. Romance. Completed, 11,340 words 

Beauty in the Breakdown XII: Heart’s Content: G, Chlollie oneshot, twelfth & final story in the Beauty in the Breakdown series. The Queen family reflect on the last seven years of their relationship. Completed, 2,440 words

Capture The Moment: PG-13, Chlollie Oneshot, Season 9/10 (Set during Escape, inspired by photo in promo for Shield). Oliver's fascinated by watching Chloe sleep, and decides to immortalise it in print. Romance, 1,900 words.

Disintegration: NC-17, Chlollie multi-chapter, novel-length fic, set in Season 8 (Odyssey - Doomsday).  Fourth story in the Chlollie Series.  Oliver and Chloe share a desire to be together but life gets in the way, with tragic consequences.  Angst, Drama, Romance. 84,000 words (wow!)

In His Arms: PG-13, stand-alone Chlollie oneshot, Season 10 (Collateral).  After months of separation, Chloe finally gets to hold her hero again.  Romance, 800 words.

Just for Funsies: NC-17, Chlollie oneshot, Season 9 (Warrior). Chloe decides to take Oliver up on his offer of, erm...personal comfort. PWP. 5,500 words. Prequel to Love for Realsies.

Nominated for Best Chloe/Oliver Fanfiction in the 2012 sv_fca Awards.
***Winner of the Chlollie 2010 Best Smut Fic Award: 1st Runner-Up.***

Love for Realsies: NC-17, Chlollie, Season 9 (Conspiracy). Chloe finds it increasingly difficult to resist Ollie's affections. Sequel to Just for Funsies. PWP, romance. 51,000 words.

Nominated for Best Chloe/Oliver Fanfiction in the 2012 sv_fca Awards.
*Runner-Up in the Best Romance category in the 2012 sv_fca Awards

***Winner of 3 Chlollie Fanfic Awards:
Best Romantic Fic (2nd Runner-Up),
Best Multi-chapter Fic (1st Runner-Up),
Best Fluff Fic (WINNER) 

Misdirection: R, Chlollie novella, third installment in The Chollie Series, sequel to Trajectory and Slingshot. Season 7 (Siren). The sexual tension between Oliver and Chloe racks up after she gets injured during a mission. Romance, Angst. 23,000 words.

***Nominated for Best Multi-Chapter Fic in the 2010 Chlollie Fanfic Awards.***

Over The Linesies: PG, Chlollie oneshot, Season 9/10 (my version). Sequel to Pillow Talksies. Oliver not-so-subtly shows a jellus!Clark that he knows Chloe in a way Clark never could. Romance. 2,000 words.

Pillow Talksies: R, Chlollie short story, Season 9.  Sequel to Love For Realsies.  Chloe and Oliver have an intimate discussion during his self-imposed 72-hour house arrest.  Romance.  7,000 words.

Say The Wordsies: PG, Chlollie short story, Season 9/10.  Sequel to Over The Linesies.  When Chloe things she may have lost Oliver for good, she finally puts voice to her feelings for him.  Romance.  3,500+ words

Slingshot: PG, Young!Chlollie short story, pre-series/post meteor shower. A grieving 12-year-old Oliver Queen finds hope when he rescues a young child from abduction. Angst, Friendship. 7,400 words. First in The Chlollie Series, prequel to Trajectory.
Associated Win/NominationNomination - Best Chollie Banner Art (Slingshot) by geek_or_unique

Taking Turnsies: Chlollie Oneshot, PG-13, part of the Funsies Series. Chloe and Oliver discover that parenthood comes with great responsibility…and the sacrifice of their morning lie-in. Fluff/Romance, 1,000 words.

Trajectory: PG, Chlollie oneshot, second in The Chlollie Series. Sequel to Slingshot, comes before Misdirection. Season 6. Oliver meets Chloe for the first time...or so he thinks. Friendship, budding Romance. 2,600 words.

Up To Tricksies: PG13, Chollie short story.  Through covert scheming and careful planning (no pun intended!), Oliver Queen finally gets his wish.  SIxth story in the Funsies Series. 14,500+ words.

The Chlollie Series:
Misdirection nominated for Best Multi-Chapter Fic in the 2010 Chlollie Fanfic Awards
Associated Win/NominationNomination - Best Chollie Banner Art (Slingshot) by geek_or_unique

(4) Disintegration

The Funsies Series:
Just for Funsies Runner-Up of the Chlollie 2010 Best Smut Fic Award
Just for Funsies Nominated for Best Chloe/Oliver Fanfiction in the 2012 sv_fca Awards)
Love for Realsies Winner of 3 Chlollie 2010 Fanfic Awards
Love for Realsies Runner up in Best Romance in the 2012 sv_fca Awards)

(1)Just For Funsies
(2)Love For Realsies
(3)Pillow Talksies
(4)Over The Linesies
(5)Say The Wordsies
(6) Up To Tricksies
(7) Taking Turnsies

The Beauty in the Breakdown Series:
*Winner of Best Chloe/Oliver Fanfiction in the[info]sv_fca Awards 

**Nominated for Best Series in the[info]sv_fca Awards 

Associated WinWinner - Best Chlollie Fanfiction Cover win for [info]ellashy for BITB IV: Falling In (thanks, Ella!) 

(1)Letting Go
(2)Taking Hold
(3)Reaching Out
(4)Falling In
(5)Feeling Good
(6)Private Chats
(7)Sacred Words
(8)Living Life
(9)'Fessing Up
(10) Snow Angel
(11) Baby Love
(12) Heart's Content

Total Chlollie Stories: 25



Convalescence: NC-17, Clex, Season 5.  When Clark falls ill after uncovering loads kryptonite at the Kent Farm, Lex welcomes him to the Mansion to, um… recuperate. Friendship, Romance, Smut.  10,130 words.

Gravity: NC-17, Clex, Season 9. Clark thinks that taking to the skies isn't going to become a reality as long as he remains tethered to a certain someone. Angst, Romance.  24,600 words.

*Winner of Best Clex Fanfiction in the sv_fca Awards
**Winner of Best Long Slash Fanfiction in the sv_fca Awards
Nominated for Best Complete Story in the sv_fca Awards

Wanted: Clex, NC-17, Season 7 oneshot, prequel to Whipped. A surprise visit from Lex opens Clark's eyes to a relationship he'd never thought possible.  Smut, 4,200 words.

Whipped: Clex, NC-17, Season 7 oneshot, sequel to Wanted.  Clark and Lex get busy with the assist of a can of whipped cream.  Smut, romance.  5,400 words.

Total Clex Stories: 4


Grand Total: 64


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